Sharpness, reliability and competence are the keystones of doing business for EU Fashion Limited. We are one of the associate members of BGMEA. Our company was founded in Bangladesh. We are one of the leading International traders and exporters, manufacturers of ready-made garments fashion clothes for men, women and children. We provide all kinds of sweater – knit and woven. Our talented design team constantly works with product development and closely follow fashion trends all over the world. The export is mainly located in such as Europe, the USA and Canada.

We offer a complete concept to our customers. High quality and good prices, and customer satisfaction have our highest attention. We find the most resource-efficient production for your needs. In Eu Fashion Limited you find a reliable partner. To guarantee the highest possible quality for our customers we always work with the most qualified product. Our guiding stars are quality, features, price and service.

Our Vision

Ensure the one-time sampling with good quality, Proper follow up of the order with reference to critical path for all individual styles.

Our Method

We are supply all kinds of ladies, Mens’, Girls, Boys, kids clothings i.e. sweaters, Knit, woven products, t-shirt, polo, tops, tank tops, dresses, skirts, sweatshirts, pullover, cardigan, jumpers, blouses, shirts, pants, leggings, tights ,jeans, denim, trousers, chinos, shorts, cargo shorts, jackets, coats, trench coats, underwear, Swimwear, lingerie, nightwear, school wear, uniform , workwear etc. of different criteria to international renowned buyers. We are capable of fulfilling customers any kind’s requirements related sampling, developing & execution of the orders. We have a follow-up system which has a Critical date for each item like Order Confirmation, L/C Receiving, Bulk Yarn/ Fabric Collection, Production Approval, Shipment approval & finally the delivery. If we are missing any date we can see easily & we put it into Red Mark so that the delivery cannot be late in anyway.

We have a very good relation with several factories or sweaters manufacturer and most of them are compiled factories that are capable of ensuring customers requirement with satisfaction. They ensure the good quality & one-time delivery. We also offer a very best price to the customers. We are always very frank with the customer. If we are facing any problem regarding quality, quantity, raw material issue, or facing any delayed delivery we draw it to the customer’s attention at the time of notice. We always try to give exact, true information to the customers so that they are not misguided also they can take any decision promptly.

Quality is monitored and inspected throughout this process from the input of raw materials, up to the final products. We guarantee that product quality will satisfy client expectations. Exclusive design for all kinds of sweaters, knit and woven products provide quick turnover.

We never keep our customer in dark. Our ‘follow’ policy is very strong, and most of our customers have appreciated that. We take only those orders which we can deliver on time because we don’t want our customers to put into trouble.